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Read what retailers and consumers alike have to say about True Blue Pet Products!


“This is the best selling grooming line that I’ve ever carried. My customers have been raving about it. The dedication to quality and concern for using only the best ingredients is evident immediately. I highly recommend this line of pet products.”

Jean McCoy – Owner of The Wagging Tail
Santa Monica, CA

“True Blue was introduced to me by a co-worker/sales person. I tried the grapefruit shampoo in my grooming salon and loved it. Not only did the dog smell great after the grooming session, the coat was softer. I did not have to worry about a perfume smell or detergents. I carried the entire True Blue line in my Retail store and recommend all of the products. The Eye Wipes are a great, quick way to keep up with canine tear stains too.”

Heather Lloyd – Owner of The Critter Corral
Coopersburg, PA

“We love the TrueBlue products. We had the staff here try them out, and they were really impressed with the results and we starting selling the line. Once our customers smell the products, they’re hooked on the great, fresh scents.”

Patty Johnston – Southside Animal Hospital
San Mateo, CA

“TrueBlue is our most popular line of shampoos and grooming products. It’s a perfect complement to our mission of carrying only all-natural and eco-friendly products, and it’s a great value to the consumer!”

Zach Grey – Owner of The Urban Pet
Los Angeles, CA

“A client recently brought me your SuperFresh Dog Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioning Creme to try— I LOVE IT. The dogs come out with beautiful shiny coats. The conditioner rocks!”

Jackie Brady
Professional Groomer

“I’m really in love with your Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray. I’ve tried other quick clean products and never really been happy with them.”

Angela Green
Professional Groomer-Winter Springs, FL



“TrueBlue puppy shampoo is the only shampoo we specifically recommend for puppies. Let’s face it, puppies get dirty – they like to explore their new environments with lots of messy playing and romping and rolling. TrueBlue is gentle enough to use on a puppy’s delicate coat, but effective enough to clean puppy with a really great scent. We love the entire line! The scents on the shampoos are so fresh, and the conditioner is awesome.”

Lynn Crosby – Owner of Maxwell Dog
Studio City, CA

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your EasyComb Detangling Spray is! My collie literally ran every time she saw a brush. It took two people to tackle her and hold her down and it was awful. Then we discovered your miracle ina bottle. Since using the spray she sits for her brushing. I am able to brush her regularly, the product smells wonderful, and it’s cut the price of our grooming bill.”

Erica Gennarini and her Collie Abby
Princeton, NJ

“This stuff is truly awesome! It’s the best dog shampoo that I’ve ever used.”

Robin Lori and her Golden Retriever Miles
Palouse, WA

“I love the products. The scents, the packaging, the way they leave my dog’s coat.I could go on and on!”

Jennifer Pader and her Wheaton Terrier Duncan
New York, NY

“We have a standard poodle who has constant allergies, and these eye wipes are a god-send! They are so gentle and yet they work to get all the gunk out on the first try.”

Geneva Gill and her Poodle Snickers
Westfield, New Jersey

“Even though I have tried several detangling products, I recently started using your TrueBlue Easy Comb Detangling Spray which is by far the best product. I have a white Pomeranian (Cotton) whom I rescued a few months ago. Your product dries fast, cleans the coat and has a wonderful scent. I take Cotton to the dog park everyday and am always asked How do you keep your dog so white? Thanks to your product, his coat looks outstanding. I definitely plan to start using your other products on both my dogs.”

Linda Leiss and her Pomeranian Cotton

“I love your Natural Balance Conditioning Shampoo for my skin-sensitive dog! She loves to go swimming, then jumps out and rolls around in the beach sand. TrueBlue gets the sand out, but does so very gently, leaving her skin and coat smooth and smelling great. Awesome!”

Suzanne Kartis and Lexi, her Australian Cattle Dog
Lake Placid, Florida

“I love your SuperFresh Dog Shampoo. I have show dogs, 4 Staffords, and I needed a shampoo that cleans yet doesn’t strip the natural emollients or leave a residue. A nice simple wash for my dogs that brings out the natural beauty of their coats!”

Kristina Estlund and her Staffords
Venice, CA

“I just tried your Puppy shampoo and it’s terrific. I loved the way it suds, and it made his coat look great with beautiful highlights. And that wonderful fragrance lasted for days.”

Joyce Jewell and her mixed breed puppy Jack
Los Angeles, CA.

“I used the Puppy shampoo on my Barn (a baby Pug with sensitive skin) last night, and used the Natural Balance conditioning shampoo on Clyde Patches (my Shihtzu)¦love them!! They both smelled good, felt good lathering up, didn’t feel like they were stripping the coat or were too strong if that makes sense. You have my full endorsement!!’

Karen Finley
Elizabethtown, KY

“I stumbled upon your EasyComb Detangling spray, and I’m impressed– it really WORKS. Thanks for making something that really works and doesn’t just waste my money. I love the nice light scent and the soft silkiness that it gives my dogs’ coats.”

Jeanne and her Yorkies Woof-Woof and Shots

“My dogs smell wonderful and I love your shampoo!”

Lisa and her 3 dogs Cubby, Reilly, and Fred
Washington, DC

“I have tried every shampoo on the market and can’t stand all those awful perfume smells and all the chemicals they put into them. Your shampoo is as pure as it gets on the market out there and has a nice subtle scent to it and doesn’t give me a headache. I also tried your conditioning cream for the first time. It is so luxurious –my dog’s coat is so smooth like silk and such a nice scent.”

Pete Kalasin and his Dalmatian Daisy
Franklin Park, NJ

“I love using your Natural Balance Conditioning dog shampoo. It makes my dog smell really clean and not like those other dog shampoo where they just mask the dog smell with perfume.”

Gigi Nang and her Lhaso Apso mix Joey
Los Angeles, CA

“With this shampoo, my dog is not only cuter than me, she is softer than me and smells better.”

Fred Gauthier, and his dog Dorothy
Los Angeles CA.