About Us

Our Story

It started on a dark winter night a couple of years ago when I was going for a run with my true-blue best friend – my yellow Lab Sam. I realized that while I was protected by a reflective vest, my dog wasn’t. When I checked the stores, I saw that the majority of pet products didn’t match human products in terms of quality, style, and function.

I started talking with friends who were pet lovers and a common theme emerged. Everyone had a story of being frustrated when looking for pet products. On the one hand, there were some great looking products out there, often from major luxury labels, but they were very, very expensive. At the other end of the market, the more affordable products were sadly lacking – either they were an eye-sore, or the quality of the materials was not up to snuff, or they didn’t really function the way they were supposed to.

No one seemed to understand that we love our pets, we share our lives with them, and we want better products for them. And that was the beginning of TrueBlue.

Our Mission

At TrueBlue Pet Products, we’re dedicated to creating the highest quality products for our true-blue best friends. We believe these products should be just as good as the products we buy for ourselves – great looking things, with fashionable styling and quality materials, but respectful of the special needs of animals.

At the same time, we strive to build strong bonds with our employees, business partners, customers, and the broader community of animal lovers.

Doug Gleason
Founder- TrueBlue Pet Products